Art Project at the CJS: "Artist in Residence" by Noa Yaari

The art project "Artist in Residence" by the artist Noa Yaari showcases her experience during the pandemic. Its main exhibit is a panel that consists of twenty acrylic paintings, which are connected by a chain of mountains, forests, and repetitive use of the phrase “stay safe.”

The panel is also divided into five groups of four paintings, according to the colour of their background. The continuity of the mountains, forests, and words, on the one hand, and the discontinuity of their background, on the other, create an opportunity to think about the pandemic as a situation that emphasizes these two aspects in our lives.

In these paintings, Noa portrays a world inhibited by objects such as stars, moons, flowers, houses, glasses of wine, and hearts. Many of them are animated, communicating with one another and with the viewer. They bring softness and sweetness to a world that is partially depicted upside down.

"Artist in Residence" is Noa’s work-from-home project as a Research Assistant at the Centre. She will display it at the Centre when the campus is re-open. We are delighted to have enabled Noa to share with us her experience through a creative endeavor. Currently, her art is reflecting upon the present we all share, but in the future, it will serve as a document that tells us about the past.

The following images show details of the paintings, which are all ink and acrylic on paper, 23 x 30.5 cm.