Graduate Students

Graduate Diploma in Jewish Studies

The Graduate Diploma in Jewish Studies will be of interest to lay and professional leaders in the Jewish community, to teachers and administrators in Jewish schools and to those with an interest in Jewish Studies who do not wish to earn a formal graduate degree.  The Diploma will provide an intellectual grounding for their activities and give them the information needed to put their leadership, teaching, and interests into a broader context.

This is a Diploma for students who meet the requirements outlined below.  This graduate Diploma is not additional to a Master's or Doctoral degree.  It will be offered and granted by the Faculty of Graduate Studies in conjunction with the Centre for Jewish Studies.  Students will be admitted directly into the Diploma.  Applicants for the Graduate Diploma in Jewish Studies must submit two applications. The first is an application to the Faculty of Graduate Studies. The second, an application for the Graduate Diploma in Jewish Studies, which can be obtained from the Centre for Jewish Studies, 763 Kaneff Tower.

Students may fulfill the requirements of the Diploma through part-time study.  Diploma requirements must be completed within four years of enrollment.

Admission Requirements

Candidates for the Diploma must be eligible for admission to the Faculty of Graduate Studies and must be accepted by an admissions committee composed of the Diploma Coordinator and faculty members affiliated with the Centre for Jewish Studies who are also members of the Faculty of Graduate Studies.  Requirements for admission are a B average in the last two years of academic work or equivalent qualifications such as community or professional experience.  Mature students with community or professional experience will be able to draw on their expertise to make a unique contribution both to class discussion and to scholarship in the field.

Applications should be submitted by April 15th each year.

Diploma Requirements


The Graduate Seminar in Jewish Studies JUDS 6000 3.0 must be successfully completed.


In addition to the seminar, students will complete two additional half courses in Jewish Studies, either in the form of reading courses or courses from a list approved by the Diploma Coordinator.  One graduate course from another university may be accepted in fulfillment of this requirement, if approved by the Faculty of Graduate Studies and the Diploma Coordinator.


In addition to papers written to fulfill the requirements of individual courses, students will be required to write a research paper supervised by a member of the Faculty of Graduate Studies affiliated with the Diploma in Jewish Studies, on a topic approved by the Diploma Coordinator.


Students must demonstrate basic general competence in Hebrew as established by examinations set by the Diploma Coordinator.  In rare cases, where appropriate, students may be allowed to substitute Yiddish, Ladino, or Judaeo-Arabic for Hebrew.

The Diploma requires and ensures that students have language competence appropriate to this program of study.  York University has a full range of Hebrew language courses to which students in the Diploma will have access as special students.  Courses taken for language competence do not count towards the Diploma.

Graduate Seminar in Jewish Studies JUDS 6000 3.00

A thematic and methodological introduction to Jewish Studies.  Open to students enrolled in the Diploma in Jewish Studies or the Diploma in Advanced Hebrew & Jewish Studies.

The Seminar in Jewish Studies serves as an introduction to Jewish Studies, offering students a thematic and methodological survey of the field.  The seminar meets for a total of 36 hours over two or three terms.  Students complete a research project which may serve as a basis for the major research paper.

The Seminar is an interdisciplinary, half course (3 credits), open only to Diploma candidates.  Students explore the problematics of the question, “What is Jewish Studies?”, focusing on the historical development and contemporary dimensions of the field through an interdisciplinary, integrating perspective.  Through a series of presentations, students will have the opportunity to meet faculty members engaged in different areas of Jewish Studies research.  Students will be expected to present their own works in progress, as they proceed towards the completion of their seminar paper.


Professor Sara R. Horowitz
Israel & Golda Koschitzky Centre for Jewish Studies
Kaneff Tower, Seventh Floor - Room 755
York University
(416) 736-2100 x 77097